Tesoro means “treasure” in Spanish and we strive to give every student a treasure map to discover their own “Wisdom, Strength & Honor.”

We accomplish this by funding the chasm or gap that was created due to severe educational budget cuts (local, state and federal), dramatic increases in our student population and the loss of School Site funding.

We are dedicated to guarding our student’s future, as they are the true treasure of this great school.  

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Our Mission

Help Tesoro Titan Foundation achieve our 
Fundraising Goals for 2018/2019

The "3-C's" include:
Covered Lunch Tables
Class sets of Calculators

Suggested Donation is
$25 per Tesoro Student

Your contributions stay here at Tesoro and help fund Technology and other school-wide needs

​Donate today online through the button below or with a check made payable to:

 Tesoro Titan Foundation.

See the Titan Foundation Flyer for more information or email us at info@THSTitanfoundation.org 


2018/2019 Donation Request

 Premier Tesoro Student Parking Raffle


​Sam Melanson! 

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